What are the benefits of the inline flow meter vs. the insertion flow meter?

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inline flow meter vs. insertion flowmeter vs. remote style

What are Integral Meters?

There are two primary configurations for thermal mass flow meters: the inline and insertion style flow meters. Both styles are often called integral meters.

Benefits of the Inline vs. Insertion Flow Meter
Inline vs. insertion flow meter? Or remote configuration? It depends on end-user needs. Call today at 866-677-7243  to discuss your application. Pictured above is the Sage Prime insertion style meter.

What is an insertion flow meter?

The insertion-style thermal flow meter is appropriate for temporary or semi-permanent gas flow measurement. In this configuration, the meter’s probe inserts into the process pipe. One of the key advantages of the insertion-style meter is the ease of installation; additionally, the style has an attractive price.

What is an in-line flow meter?

The inline or in-line flow meter includes a flow body installed more permanently in a process line. This meter configuration has a built-in flow conditioner that optimizes the flow profile of the process gas. One of the in-line meter advantages is that it does not require as much of a straight run as the insertion-style meter permitting the end-user to cut down the length of the upstream straight run to three pipe diameters in most cases.

Advantages of Remote Configuration

In a remote-style flow meter, the electronics and display are separate from the sensor. The advantage of this configuration is that the user can mount the display in a convenient location that is easy to read and operate. It is particularly desirable to use this meter style when there is insufficient space to get to the meter to read it or configure it.

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