In addition to the insertion-style flow meters, Sage offers inline or in-line thermal mass flow meters in ¼” through 4” and here are some installation considerations.

In-line Flowmeters

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Sage Metering offers inline flow meter mounting styles for pipe 1/4″ through 4″ with threaded male NPT ends being standard up to 2-1/2”, and recommends ANSI 150 lb. flanged ends for the 3” and 4” models. If other mounting styles are required, however, the user should contact Sage. For pipe sizes greater than 4” the insertion-style flow meter is available.

The assembly section of the inline flow meter should match the size and pipe material of the conduit. The meter is plumbed directly in the flow line by threading, flanging, or welding. The user should not apply reducers with an inline flow meter. The meter has a sensing element (a self-heated flow sensor and a temperature/reference sensor) mounted in the flow section where gas will flow. The meter also contains a sensor drive circuit; microprocessor meter board, and transmitter enclosure.

Flow Conditioning Chart
Obstructions such as valves, blowers, expanders, and PVC and HDPE pipes, require additional straight run.

All Sage inline flow meters, 1/2″ and up have built-in flow conditioners. The ¼” and 3/8” models do not have flow conditioners. For this reason, the inline flow meter of these sizes will require additional straight run. Refer to the chart here for upstream straight run requirements.


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