Sage Metering has published wiring illustrations for eight Sage Prime thermal mass flow meter models.

Post Update: The wiring diagrams for the Paramount, Prime, and 200/300 Series are now included in the updated user manuals. You can download the manuals here:

How to Wire My Sage Thermal Mass Flow Meter?

wiring illustration sage thermal mass flow meter
When less is more and quick is too slow, we seek shortcuts to finish things faster. Unfortunately, shortcuts yield mistakes. When flow meter users skip their user manuals, mishaps may occur, including mis-wiring the meter, which can short out the device.

We have published wiring illustrations with gold labels to complement our user manuals to reveal the wiring inputs and outputs. Please note that we have published this guide to supplement the user manuals, not to replace them. You may find the illustrations in the Wiring Guide.

FAQ – How to wire a Sage mass flow meter with a 4-20mA output?

Image by Dimitris Vetsikas from Pixabay