In the third post on flowmeter analog wiring communications, I show how to wire an AC-powered (externally powered) Sage Prime thermal mass flow meter to deliver a 4-20mA output.

Externally Powered thermal mass flow meter with 4-20mA Output

I demonstrate the wiring configuration for the AC or externally-powered Sage meter with a 4-20mA output in the following video. For years, the 4-20mA signal has been a common medium for signal transmission and electronic control in industrial and commercial settings.

  • There are three columns of terminals on the back of the meter; A, B, and C (from left to right).
  • First, connect the meter’s power source (AC power to the meter). To do this, connect the line wire (Black) to B1, the neutral wire (white) to B2, and the earth ground (usually green) wire to the copper port provided.
  • Next, connect the externally powered 4-20mA output. First, connect the positive wire (white) to the B4 terminal and the return wire to B5. By doing so, it will create the loop for the externally powered 4-20mA output.
  • Connect the power supply to the 4-20mA, then the meter.

The Sage 4-20mA outputs are set to each customer’s particular application; however, by default, 4mA is equal to 0 flow, and 20mA is equal to full-scale flow.

Flow Meter Wiring Video

Take a look at this brief video explaining these instructions in more detail. If you are interested in a wiring chart, download it here.

Other Wiring Configurations