Thermal Mass Flow Meter Onsite Calibration Verification

Earlier, I explained how Sage Metering had pioneered the onsite calibration check for thermal mass flow meters; however, I didn’t demonstrate how easy the procedure is. While a competitor’s thermal mass meter requires a highly skilled technician, Sage’s method is as easy and quick as 1-2-3.

Easy Onsite Calibration Verification

To perform the In-Situ Calibration Check, a “no flow” condition must be created in the field, and the mW reading on the meter’s digital display must match the NIST traceable milliwatt reading on the meter tag. It’s as simple as loosen, lift and look:

  1. Loosen the valve assembly lower collar clamp and compression fitting.
  2. Lift the meter until the safety chain is stretched or pulled taut and close the valve. By doing so, you are removing the meter probe from the pipe, and by closing the valve, a “no flow” condition is created.
  3. Look at the milliwatt (mW) reading on the meter display and compare it to the flow meter mW value on the tag (or Certificate of Conformance). If they match, the unit calibration check is complete.

That’s it. Check out this brief video, which demonstrates how easy and quick the Sage onsite calibration method is.