Sage Metering has recently updated its Prime, Paramount, and 200/300 Series thermal mass flow meter manuals and issued a quick instruction guide for the SageCom software.

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User Manual Updates

education - user manualsSage is committed to updating and improving our user manuals which are always available for download in our “Literature” section, but here are some convenient links:

Sage Paramount

The Sage Paramount is our most advanced meter that provides state-of-the-art features and the option of  CL I Div 1 approval (CL I Div 2 is standard), among other things. Download the Paramount Manual now.

Sage Prime

The Sage Prime is an award-winning precision mass flow meter that has offered long-standing performance. Download the Prime manual now.

Sage 200/300 Series

The Sage 200/300 Series of thermal mass flow meters provides high-performance levels without the bells and whistles provided in the Prime and Paramount. Download the 200/300 User Manual now.

SageCom Validation Software

The SageCom is the software program permitting the user to interface with the meter while in the field to do a host of functions. Download the SageCom Quick Instruction Guide.

What’s the difference between the Sage Paramount and Prime?

To understand the differences between the Sage Prime and the Paramount thermal mass flow meter and learn which is best for your application, read more.


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