There are three applications for thermal mass flow meters that support industrial furnaces and smelters in metal production (steel industry), including air/fuel, flue and stack gas monitoring, and argon, nitrogen, and oxygen measurement.

    1. Furnaces – air and fuel, flue and stack gas monitoring
    2. Argon and nitrogen for tank blanketing and stirring
    3. Air/fuel ratio control on the furnace

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Common Thermal Mass Flow Meter Applications
In the 1990s, thermal mass flow meters were introduced to measure emissions’ flow at multiple points within large emissions stacks.

Air / Fuel / Flue / Stack Gas Monitoring

Furnaces are used in various industries and facilities, including metals. When using an industrial furnace in manufacturing, air/fuel monitoring, flue, and stack gas monitoring are often needed and satisfied with thermal mass flow meters.

Measure Gas Flows

Different gases are used in metal production, including natural gas, oxygen, chlorine, argon, and nitrogen. Minimum gas flow is often needed in these processes, and thermal mass flow meters often work well in these applications. Additionally, lower gas usage can affect product quality, and thermal mass flow meters measure gas flows to ensure the optimum amount of utilized gas.

Argon & Nitrogen for Blanketing and Stirring

nitrogen tank blanketing technical noteArgon and Nitrogen gas are used as blanketing gas in many production applications of various metals. Thermal mass flow meters measure the flow rate of gases to the different blanketing applications to ensure adequate coverage.

Argon and Nitrogen are also used for bottom stirring in metal products, and pressure monitoring of these gases is needed to obtain the proper mix for optimum steel quality.

Air/Fuel Ratio Control on Furnace

Stoichiometric ratio control on furnaces in the smelting process of metals is critical to product quality. Sage meters provide optimal control in furnace air/fuel ratio control loops in conjunction with oxygen monitoring.

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Image by David Mark from Pixabay