How to Properly Clean the Sensor?

The Sage thermal mass flow meter requires little or no maintenance. The sensing element is somewhat resistant to dirt and particulate build up. However, if the meter is mounted in a filthy environment, it may become necessary to clean the sensor periodically.

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If cleaning the sensor:

    1. Always remove the power before cleaning.
    2. Use a  detergent or appropriate non-corrosive solvent to remove the buildup.
    3. Use a soft brush to gently clean the sensing element’s surface (use caution to avoid damaging the sensor elements (the RTDs).

Note: If you need to do any disassembly to clean the sensor, contact Sage Metering for instructions or call 831-242-2030.

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In general, we recommend that you return your Sage meter to the factory for cleaning, repair, or recalibration.

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