How to Properly Clean the Mass Flow Sensor?

Sage thermal mass flow meters require little maintenance. The sensing element is somewhat resistant to dirt and particulate build-up. However, if the user mounts the meter in a filthy environment, it may become necessary to clean the sensor periodically.

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If cleaning the sensor:

    1. Remove the power before cleaning.
    2. Use a  detergent or appropriate non-corrosive solvent to remove the buildup.
    3. Use a soft brush to gently clean the sensing element’s surface (use caution to avoid damaging the sensor elements (the RTDs).

Note: If you need to do any disassembly to clean the sensor, contact Sage Metering for instructions or call 831-242-2030.

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In general, we recommend that you return your Sage meter to the factory for cleaning, repair, or recalibration.

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