Your Sage Prime thermal mass flow meter is a sensitive, yet rugged, precision-built electronic instrument.

Damaged Flow Meter in Shipment?

Download the Sage Prime User Manual

When you receive your meter:

    1. Open the shipping container carefully and remove the meter.
    2. Inspect the device for damage that may have occurred during transit. If there is damage, please contact the freight carrier immediately and place a claim for damaged goods.
    3. Find the packing list and check the contents of the container for discrepancies.
    4.  If you have questions or concerns about the contents or the configuration of the equipment (including calibration ranges or mounting hardware), contact Sage Metering as soon as possible.
    5. Save the shipping container and packaging materials in the event you need to return the unit for repair, calibration, or for any reason.

If you have any other questions or concerns about your meter, send your inquiry. In any case, we thank you for your business.

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