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The following post serves as an online resource to address how to return your Sage thermal mass flow meter. For additional information or clarity, refer to the Sage Prime SIP User Manual.

Getting your RMA

Obtain your Return Material Authorization number (RMA) before returning any equipment to Sage Metering. Attain your RMA numbers by filling out the form online.

Packing the Meter

Take special care when packing your flow meter to return to the factory. The sensor, in particular, may readily be damaged if not protected (covered) and prevented from moving in the package. The shipper is responsible for any damage resulting from improper packaging.

The owner/user is responsible for a $175 evaluation fee, plus the return shipping expense. Once Sage has evaluated the meter, we will send the user a repair quote, and the owner/user may choose to proceed with repair or have the meter returned.

By the “Right to Know Act” and pertinent U.S. Department of Transportation regulations, Sage will not accept a contaminated shipment without written decontamination evidence. Listed below are our Return/Repair conditions. Please understand that we require strict adherence to these conditions and we will not process returns not conforming to these requirements. If Sage discovers contamination evidence, we may, at our option, return the unit at the owner/user’s expense. Please note that the requirements for packaging and labeling hazardous substances are in DOT regulations 49 CFR 172, 178, and 179.

    1. Before shipping the equipment, clean and decontaminate all equipment, including the sensor, probe, electronics, and both internal and external enclosures. The packaging also needs to be clean and free from contamination.
    2. Include Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs) with the shipment for all process fluids and gases that have been in contact with the equipment. Please include any fluid/gas that was used to clean the material. A Decontamination Statement is also needed for each meter returned using a different gas or fluid. Affix both the MSDSs and the decontamination statement to the OUTSIDE of the shipping package. If the documents are not attached, you will be called, and the equipment will likely be returned at your expense.
    3. The decontamination statement must include the following:
      • A list of all chemicals and process fluids used in the equipment, including decontamination fluids or gases.
      • The model and the serial number of the equipment being returned.
      • A company officer or other authorized person’s signature on the statement.

Return Shipping Address:


Sage Metering, Inc.

8 Harris Court, Building D1

Monterey, CA 93940

Send all shipments freight prepaid. We will either refuse a collect shipment or we will bill back the freight charge with the service fee.

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