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HART Protocol and Access Keys

This post serves as an online resource to provide the HART menu structure for the [...]

Modbus Protocol and Function Codes

The following post serves as an online resource to provide MODBUS protocol and function codes [...]

Returning Your Sage Flowmeter via Special Delivery

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Sage Metering’s Cancellation and Return Policy

The following blog serves as an online resource for Sage Metering’s cancellation and returns policy. [...]

Sage Mass Flow Meters Warranty

The following post serves as an online resource for Sage Metering to answer, “What is [...]

Sage Prime Thermal Mass Flow Meter Features and Benefits

The Sage Prime thermal mass flow meter has several features and benefits. This post is [...]

Troubleshooting Sage Prime Mass Flow Meters

The following troubleshooting guide is from the Sage Prime SIP User Manual. This online source [...]

Inline Flow Meter Installation Considerations

In addition to the insertion-style flow meters, Sage offers inline or in-line thermal mass flow [...]

Flow Profile and Installation Considerations for Insertion Flow Meters

An insertion flow meter, although easier to install than an inline flow meter, requires proper [...]

Optional Mounting Hardware for the Insertion Flow Meter

It may not be convenient to turn off the process-gas to perform the in-situ calibration [...]

Flow Profile and Flow Conditioning Article

Gary Russell of Sage Metering wrote “5 Factors Impacting Thermal Mass Flow Meter Accuracy, Flow [...]

How to Install and Mount my Sage Prime Thermal Mass Flow Meter?

How do you install and mount your Sage Prime thermal mass flow meter? The following [...]

How do I clean my thermal mass flow meter sensor?

How to Properly Clean the Mass Flow Sensor? Sage thermal mass flow meters require little [...]

My Sage flow meter was damaged in shipment

All thermal mass flow meters are sensitive, yet rugged, precision-built electronic instruments. This pertains to all [...]

Flare Gas and Flue Gas Monitoring, Scrubber Balancing, and Nitrogen Blanketing

There are applications thermal mass flow meters assist within the chemical and petrochemical industries, including [...]

Air/Fuel, Flue & Stack Gas Monitoring, and Argon, Nitrogen in Smelters and Furnaces

There are three applications for thermal mass flow meters that support industrial furnaces and smelters [...]

Compressed Air Snags and 7 Ways Thermal Mass Flow Meters Help

Manufacturers using compressed air and compressor manufacturers and distributors use thermal mass flow meters in [...]

Six Industrial Areas That Use Thermal Mass Flow Meters

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Sage Prime Mass Flow Meter Technical Specifications

Sage Metering has created a new technical specifications document that answers just about everything you [...]

Wiring Diagrams for Sage Thermal Mass Flow Meters

Sage Metering has published wiring illustrations for eight Sage Prime thermal mass flow meter models. [...]

The Pros and Cons of Thermal Mass Flow Meters – Q&A

Recently, Flow Control published a Q&A regarding thermal mass flow measurement after corresponding with Wayne [...]

Tackling the Limitations of Thermal Mass Flow Measurement

Like any flow measurement technology, thermal mass flow meters have limits, as well as benefits. [...]

Ethanol Producer forced to Curb Production

In a new application brief, Sage Metering shares a situation where a natural gas flow [...]

Energy Audits and Monitoring

There is a growing emphasis on energy management, and many facilities are retaining the services [...]

Compressed Air Flow Monitoring

In industrial processes, thermal mass flow meters effectively measure and monitor compressed air to determine [...]

Flow Meters for Nitrogen Tank Blanketing Systems

Nitrogen tank blanketing systems are used in various industries to prevent the degradation of a [...]

Thermal Mass Flow Meter Applications

Thermal flow meters measure the mass flow rate of gas. Here is a list of [...]

Is pressure/temperature correction needed for thermal flow meters?

As a manufacturer of thermal mass flow meters, we are often asked, “What is the [...]

FAQ: Do I need an RMA number to return my Sage meter for service?

At Sage Metering, we require a Return Material Authorization (RMA) for each thermal mass flow [...]

FAQ – How to wire AC powered thermal mass flow meter with 4-20mA output?

In the third post on flowmeter analog wiring communications, I show how to wire an [...]